More About Me

How I Work

Among being passionate about the product and the service that I provide, I enjoy working with a diverse group of good people, all presenting their own unique challenges. I continue to work through these challenges, achieving positive results and fortuitous outcomes. I work from a foundation based on service, loyalty, knowledge, and hard work. Through positive energy and a strong knowledge of the market I will be the right realtor to represent many clients to come!

Constant Success

I constantly achieve success for my clients by obtaining the highest feasible price when listing a home. I also expose my listings to the widest possible audience and suggest cost-effective improvements one can make to increase value. I have experience in bank owned properties, short sales and working with builders on new construction.

Why Am I of Value?

1) Price. Knowing the price when listing your home or assisting in a purchase.

2) Negotiating. Knowing how to negotiate and being aware of market conditions and comparables.

3) Inspection. This can be the second round of negotiations. Knowing what is wrong and how much repairs can cost are a crucial part of the inspection process.

4) Accessibility. I am always a phone call away and respond promptly to all ways of communication.

5) Experience. I have been involved in over 100 transactions and have seen many different scenarios.

Tens and thousands of dollars can be lost in a transaction if the above elements are not taken into consideration. These are just a few items of value that I bring.

About Me

I was born in Yakima, Washington on November 28, 1979. I played Varsity Basketball and graduated from West Valley High School. From there I went on to Washington State University, graduating with a Business and Communication degree. I spent one year studying abroad in Sydney, Australia during the 2000 Summer Olympics. After graduation I spent a year working for the Portland Trailblazers, then back to Sydney for 6 months and then up to San Diego. Traveling the globe has been a privilege and given me many wonderful experiences. I have lived in Seattle since 2003. I coached 3rd & 4th grade boys basketball at the Ballard Boys and Girls club. My beloved mother and brother reside in Yakima. Most importantly I am a proud father to my wonderful son William who was born May 27th 2011. You may often find me walking or running my Yellow Labrador "Sonny" around town!

As my Great, Great Uncle said in 1934, "Time passes like water through the wheel of life, never to be used again. So it is up to us to make the most out of each moment as we live it, for we cannot turn it back and no man knows when time shall flow no more for him".